Project File:

Half Moon Bay Marina

Client – Half Moon Bay Marina
Contact – Mark Hollier
Title – Marina Manager
Phone - +64 9 534 3139 Email –

Auckland, New Zealand
36° 83' S 175° 70' E

Time Period
Aug 2008 - Oct 2008


Project Description

Half Moon Bay Marina required the refurbishment of an existing pier (Pier A) and extension of the current wave screen. Total Marine Services and Total Floating Systems were awarded the contract to design and re-build the 8 berths associated with Pier A and extend the existing wave screen by 16.5m.


The existing A Pier within the Half Moon Bay marina was located in an exposed area at the entrance of the marina. Space within that part of the marina was confined due to the proximity to the existing breakwater and the entrance. Using an innovative approach Total Marine Services in conjunction with the marina operators and affected berth holders formulated a solution that optimised the berthage area within the problematic space.

It was proposed to extend the wave screen by 16.5m, cast and install new concrete pontoons, wave attenuator, piles and associated fixtures. This allowed 4 x 20m, 1x 18m and 1 x 16m berths to be located in this area, when previously only 14m berths were available.

The project was completed on time and within budget. Feedback from the Half Moon Bay Marina has been positive and encouraging with the berth holders very happy with our commitment and performance to complete the works without any delay and interruptions to their daily usage.

Physical Works Associated with the Boat Ramp

  • Demolition and salvage of all existing floating concrete pontoons and timber piles
  • Design and construct 8 new berths (4x20m, 1x18m, 1x16m and 2x14m), access ways, fingers, floating breakwater and wave screen
  • Design, supply and install all piles and all associated fixtures