Project File:

Westhaven Marina – Pier X

Client – Auckland City Council
Contact – Ash Gibb
Title – Project Manager
Phone - +64 9 307 0178

Westhaven Marina ,Auckland
36° 83' S 175° 70' E

Time Period
Apr 2008 - Aug 2008


Project Description

Westhaven Marina required the steel pipe pontoon dinghy rack and wave break alongside Pier X replaced. Total Marine Services were awarded the contract to design and re-build the 200m pier. This is a similar scenario to that of the Pier A and T renewal project.

Proactive Contract Management

The contract was awarded and established based on traditional means. However early on in the project it was determined that to ensure the final outcomes were met Total Marine Services would work alongside the stakeholders, client and design teams to develop a functional design based on the resources, equipment and constraints of the site.

Physical Works

  • Demolition and salvage of all materials from the existing 200m by 5m wide steel tube floating breakwater.
  • Design and construct new 200m long by 5m wide floating breakwater with a structural design life of 35 years
  • Design, supply and install mooring piles and all associated items as part of the floating breakwater.
  • Connect new breakwater to the existing unifloat marina units at Pier X.
  • Salvage, refurbish and install existing galvanised steel dinghy racks.
  • Design, supply and install ancillary services to berths.