Project File:

Tairua Marina Sea Wall

Tairua Marine Ltd.

Tairua, Coromandel

Time Period
due to be completed early 2014


Project Description

Total Marine Services won the contract to build the sea wall after an extensive tendering program.
Several changes were made to the sea wall design including extensive use of precast concrete beams based on Total Marines sea wall construction experience.
This project required the design and construction of specialised pile driving gate systems, the conditions encountered on site were significantly harder than expected but through continuous innovation new pile driving methods were developed and adjusted on site to keep the job on track.


Physical Works:

The project incorporates 490lm of outer sea wall constructed in vinyl sheet piling with precast concrete capping beams, 380lm of inner sea wall constructed in vinyl sheet piling with cast in place concrete capping beams and 125lm of inner sea wall constructed in steel sheet piling plus a steel sheet piling base for a rock groyne.